Who We Are


IT Assurance team members embrace humility. We appreciate our clients for their abilities, we apologize when we make mistakes, and we understand that we work for the client. We ask our coworkers for help when we’re stuck, and we generously offer our help when we have knowledge to share.



It Assurance team members solve problems thoroughly. WE believe in spending the time necessary to get it done right and get it done completely. We extensively document all solutions so our coworkers can learn from our hard work when they see a similar problem. We only suggest solutions to our clients that we’ve tested and vetted. When we experiment, we do so with humility and with the customer’s full knowledge that we’re experimenting.



Customer success and IT Assurance success must be one and the same. We work together as a team, we work with our customers as a team. Each of us makes the whole stronger and more powerful.

Who We Are

I have always been passionate about two things: helping people and fixing computers. I was excited to enter the IT field. But, I was quickly frustrated after working for IT companies that promoted incompetent people with big smiles, celebrated sales people like they were rock stars, and openly mocked their customers.

I knew I could do better—so I started IT Assurance in 2007. From the beginning we have celebrated customer success, placed a premium on humility and teamwork, and promoted based on merit. Following that model we have made the lives of our employees and the lives of our partner companies better.

All of the IT Assurance employees can recite our core values by heart. We reference these daily and weekly as we decide how to move forward with our different projects.


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