IT Support Tailored to Your Small Business

We know small businesses because we are one.

Project Management

We Get It: For a Small Business, Investing in IT Support Is a Big Deal.

One of the first things we’ll do when we become part of your team is a cost assessment to take a look at what you’re spending today and let you know where we think you could save money. Beyond that, we’ll never recommend a costly system change, repair, or upgrade before exhausting all possible, best solutions to your problem.

Who Are We a Good Fit For?

After 12 years, we’ve got a pretty good idea of who our people are. We’re like peanut butter and jelly when we’re working with …

  • The Ones Constantly Thinking Ahead

  • The clients who love us love planning. We love to follow a process and get everything figured out before the first button gets clicked. We have unlimited time to figure out the best plan before we start implementing, but halfway through the server migration is a bad time to figure out the hard drive isn’t big enough.

  • The Ones Who Want a Happy Company

  • The clients who love us care about their employees and want them to have the best tools to maximize their productivity. IT Assurance doesn’t offer budget IT or budget IT people. We take a lot of time to find not just IT experts, but friendly folks who can make your staff feel heard and cared about. It’s not enough to just fix the computer problem if we ruffle everybody’s feathers along the way.

  • The Ones Who Want to Set New Standards

  • Finally, we work best with troublemakers. We get along with the ones who want to shake things up, who get excited to try new tools and find ways to improve. We love working with companies that value growth, not just in their revenue but in how they do business. We want to grow with you, to learn and improve together, and make something great as a team. Some of our favorite clients started with us as garage side-work businesses 15 years ago and today employ over 100 people. So whether you’re at garage stage or multinational stage, if you’re a troublemaker, we’re probably going to get along.

Let Us Prove IT

If you’re ready for an IT company that does what they say, when they say it, for the price they tell you, we’d love to chat.