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Don’t Be Shocked When You Call Us and Talk to a Live, Local Human

Does this sound familiar? You have can’t get a document to print. You need it for a meeting in 45 minutes. You debate whether you should just try and fix it yourself with help from Google or if you should call IT and deal with a condescending know-it-all.

Your IT help shouldn’t make you feel that way.


Friendly Tech Support for Businesses

Here at IT Assurance we have a better way. Sure, we are technical experts, more importantly: we are friendly people.

We deliver a full-time IT help desk to your company. If you can’t work, can’t print, can’t email, can’t turn it on, or just can’t take it anymore, we will fix it quickly and without any attitude.


High Quality Portland Tech Support

We know that you are overwhelmed with options when it comes to IT service providers. Here are three reasons why IT Assurance should be the first company you call when you have computer issues:

  1. Our motto is “Learn. Build. Push. Improve. Repeat.” We push our team to continuously improve. We assign owners to every business process. We get more efficient, faster, and friendlier every 90 days. We don’t let things fall through the cracks.
  1. We grow our team organically. Our goal is to provide lifetime employment. Our technicians start out as minimum wage interns. They learn our systems from the ground up. We make sure everyone absorbs our company culture of fast, friendly, and efficient service. We have a near zero turnover rate because our team enjoys working together and with our customers. Our cohesive team of engineers is better at solving problems because they trust each other.
  1. A human answers the phone all day, every day. When you call about a problem you go straight to our service department. You don’t have time to wait for a bunch of phone options. When you call us you won’t hear, “please press 1 for sales”. Instead, you will hear, “Hello, thank you for calling IT Assurance, how can I help you?” When you call you always get a live, local human who is ready to help you solve your problems.

If you really want to see how different IT Assurance is, call us right now.


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