A Full-Time IT Help Desk That
Actually Helps.

For starters, we have actual live humans standing by to help you.

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You may now stop rage-whispering 4-letter words at your computer. We’ve got this.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a printer that won’t print, not being able to log in when you KNOW you have the right password, or losing an important document. Not only do we have people and systems in place to fix these productivity-killing problems fast, our IT experts do it with a smile (and without asking if you tried turning it off and on).

If you’re an organization with fewer than 100 people, hiring an IT support company can be way more cost-effective than your in-house “IT Guy or Gal” (and we never take a vacation). We’d love to show you how.

No Condescending Know-It-Alls. Just Serious Technical Know-How.

When your computer mysteriously shuts down, our friendly, humble IT team rises to the occasion.

Responsive, Reliable Portland Tech Support

Why choose us over the other guys? For one thing, we’re not just guys. We’re a diverse team of people from all walks of life. In fact, we’re proud to be the only majority-minority IT company in Portland.

One of Our Clients Said It Best:
“I love them best when they are invisible and all systems are running smoothly. I love them next best when they jump on problems and help us avoid them in the future.”
    • We Solve Problems Before They Become Problems.

You have a plan to grow your business and crush those lofty goals. We’ll make sure your IT infrastructure is built to support you hitting them without any unexpected blackouts, crashes, or hacks. Our get-in-the-weeds approach helps prevent expensive problems from cropping up. Sometimes, that means us picking up the phone and calling you before you ever call us.

    • Saving You Money Makes Our Day.

In good times and bad, IT Assurance has pinpointed the same unnecessary expenses in our clients’ IT spending. One of the first things we’ll do when we become part of your team is a cost assessment to take a look at what you’re spending today and let you know where we think you could save money. Beyond that, we’ll never recommend a costly system change, repair, or upgrade before exhausting all possible, best solutions to your problem.

  • Get Real Help From Real Humans, 24/7.

  • When you call us, you won’t have to sit through a 2-minute recording and 6 different options before speaking to a tech expert. Speaking of experts, our technicians start out as interns who learn our systems from the ground up, beginning with our company culture of fast, friendly, and efficient service. We’re proud to have a near-zero turnover rate. #CultureGoals

    Across our awesome team, there’s not a system we haven’t mastered or a problem we haven’t encountered. No, really … we once went to a contractor’s field office because our client’s wireless was turned on but they couldn’t see any networks. We found an ant queen had started her brood on top of the warmth of the Wi-Fi chip. Couldn’t make it up if we tried.

Let Us Prove IT

Ready to see how different IT Assurance is?