Project Management

We went on-site to a field office once because the wireless on a laptop was turned on but couldn’t see any networks, even the one that was 6 inches away from it. We field-stripped the computer and found an ant queen had started her brood on top of the warmth of the Wi-Fi chip. It turns out ant goop is anti-Wi-Fi — who knew?

Reasons Why IT Assurance Provides Superior IT Support for Construction Companies

Field support

IT Assurance understands how hard it is to keep technology working in environments that almost seem out to destroy it. We can get you set up with a 4G modem so you have wireless where you need it, and if you need more, we know how to bridge them together to create mega-field Wi-Fi. We’re also Portland’s largest IT partner with Verizon, so we’ll get you the phones you need and make sure your bill makes sense!

Office management

We know the office needs to be firing at full speed or the whole machine grinds to a halt. We will keep your office people connected and up and running. You need powerful machines that can load the CAD files your clients send that only seem to be getting bigger and servers to run your Procore or ViewPoint or Fieldwire install.

24×7 Help Desk

And finally, you need it all the time. That’s why IT Assurance offers 24×7 Help Desk support! If you finally got the permit you needed to close Naito Parkway at 2 AM on Sunday but you can’t connect to the server to get the work order, we’ll be there for you.

If you’re ready to start working with an IT company that brings their own hard hat and high-viz vest on-site, fill out our contact form below and schedule a call — we’d love to talk about what you’re building!