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Cloud Migration Strategy Made Easy

You’ve always had servers, but they’re getting old and slowing down your business. You know a new server could set you back $20,000. Ouch. Everyone seems to be on the cloud these days … but is the cloud right for your business goals?

It’s a project you’ve been putting off for months (maybe years?). But you know the sooner you address it, the better you can sleep feeling confident your systems are running faster and your company’s valuable intellectual property is safe, sound, and backed up more securely than Coca-Cola’s secret recipe.

As your friendly neighborhood IT advisors, we’re here to help you determine your next best move.

So … Is the Cloud Right for You?

Moving to the cloud, if done correctly, offers cost savings, improved data security, and increased reliability. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for every business. During our initial assessment, we’ll ask you about the current state of your business and your future goals so we can best advise you.

For example, if your small business is already using Office 365, Dropbox for file sharing, an online accounting service, or customer relationship management (CRM) software, you are ready to move all the way into the cloud. If you’re planning on growing to 50-plus employees, a new server may actually be in your bottom line’s best interest.

If the cloud isn’t right for you, we aren’t afraid to tell you. We’re all about helping you make the best choices for your business with the present and your future strategic vision in mind.

Cloud Migration Strategy

When it comes to helping you move your business to the cloud, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Here’s the 5-step process we use make sure your cloud migration project stays on schedule and on budget:


We take the time to learn about your business, your needs, and your capabilities. This is the only way to deliver effective solutions for your organization.


We take the information we have learned from you and present the best cloud options for your business.


Once we have an agreement on what needs to be done, we do the work getting systems moved. We don’t stop working until we get the project done.


Change is hard and no one likes learning a new system. We get it. We’ll take care of training your team to use the new cloud-based systems and be available for any questions that might come up.


Get real help from real humans, 24/7 with our Help Desk services. When you call us, you won’t have to sit through a 2-minute recording and 6 different options before speaking to a tech expert.

Ready to Uplevel With the Cloud?

Email us and our team will send you a list of pros and cons for both moving to the cloud and staying with your current system.