Project Management

Back when you had a single store, you could keep the IT simple. You had a POS machine or 3, maybe a few Square readers and a basic inventory system. (Remember when it all fit in Excel? Those were the days!)

Now, though, you’ve got 3 or more stores, and the IT is getting out of hand. Employees are watching Netflix videos on your Wi-Fi, you can’t figure out how to get videos off the security camera system, that Square POS doesn’t really scale, and your phone systems aren’t even interconnected to transfer calls between stores!

That’s where IT Assurance comes in. You’ve built a successful chain of retail stores and now you need consistent, connected IT support to keep them all up and running. 

Reasons Why IT Assurance Provides Superior IT Support for Retail Chains

24×7 support —

Your store is open on weekends and your IT company needs to be there too! IT Assurance offers live, US-based 24×7 Help Desk support to all of our retail store clients. If it’s the Saturday rush or the midnight inventory count, we’ll be here to help.

Interconnected technology

We know how to get your stores to talk to each other. Whether you need access to your files from anywhere, your phone calls no matter which store someone calls or to get your stores talking to your headquarters, we can set it up and keep it running.

Teleco and network services

As a telecommunications provider, we can set up, provide and support a modern internet connection and VoIP phone service. You can hire one vendor for all your problems, not half a dozen vendors all blaming each other.

So if you’re ready to start working with an IT company that works your hours and knows your systems, fill out our contact form below.