You? I Like You. I Always Click the Weird-Looking Button Too.

Project Management

Thanks for finding my website easter egg. As a reward, how about a few jokes? (Go ahead and steal them. You’ll be the talk of the watercooler).

Why did the computer show up at work late? It had a hard drive.

How does a computer get drunk? It takes “screenshots.”

Person 1: Do you know how to use Outlook? Person 2: As a matter of fact, I Excel at it. Person 1: Was that a Microsoft Office pun? Person 2: Word.

My computer suddenly started belting out “Someone Like You.” It’s a Dell.

And Now, Here Are Some Other Reasons We Are Awesome …

  • We’re Portland’s only majority-minority IT company. We don’t just value diversity and inclusion, we aggressively recruit and hire people from diverse backgrounds.
  • We screen our vendors annually using a diversity, equity, and inclusion interview, and we work with our vendors regularly to improve their policies and accomplishments in these areas.
  • We prefer to attract many people and repulse some others than to be vaguely acceptable to everybody.

Let Us Prove IT

If you’re ready for an IT company that does what they say, when they say it, for the price they tell you, we’d love to chat.