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The number of times clients sent flowers or doughnuts to our office last year.



Clients retained over the past 5 years. IT Assurance helps our clients grow and build. We’ve worked with clients ranging in size from side-gig-in-the-garage to $20+ million in revenue. Our customers return our affection by re‑signing year after year.



Years of combined IT experience among the IT Assurance team. We hire the best, build them higher and challenge them constantly. At IT Assurance, we invest in our employees as well as our customers.

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Who We Are

I have always been passionate about two things: helping people and fixing computers.

Hi! My name is Zac. It’s short for Zachary, but not spelled Zack or Zach. Some people wonder why, and the answer is arcade video games! When I got a high score on an arcade game, the game would ask for my initials. Clever child that I was, I realized I could fit my entire name (ZAC), and it stuck for life.

So, I’ve been a nerd for a long time, and when I graduated from college, I was really excited to enter the IT field! I quickly became frustrated, though. I found myself working for companies that promoted incompetent technicians with big smiles and celebrated salespeople like they were rock stars, all while openly mocking their customers. I got into this business to help people with technology and instead I found myself working for people who only cared about making money.

I knew I could do better — so I started IT Assurance in 2007. From the beginning, we have celebrated customer success, placed a premium on humility and teamwork, and promoted based on merit. Following that model, we have made the lives of our employees and the lives of our partner companies better.

All of us at IT Assurance hold our core values close to our hearts. We reference every day as we decide how to move forward with our various projects. One of the best compliments I ever received came from a CEO who has been working with us for almost 11 years. He told me, “Zac, every time I get a new computer from you guys, it’s been easier and faster than the time before.” It’s not a world-shattering compliment, but it tells me we’re doing exactly what I want us to do — constantly improving.

Prove IT: Call us right now at (503) 785-9000 and ask the person who answers about our core values.

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