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Project Management

We Help You Do It Right the First Time.

When you have a big initiative you want done “yesterday,” it’s easy to get swept up in shiny new tools and shortcuts. But have you ever spent a pile of cash to implement new software or a new process only to end up with 50% of the promised benefits and 200% of the estimated cost?

It’s way more common than you think. In fact, a Harvard Business Review study found that 1 in 6 IT projects have a cost overrun of 200% and end up taking way longer than initially planned.

The good news is, this is absolutely preventable.

Over the past decade, our project managers have helped small to medium-size companies successfully implement IT projects such as:

  • Cloud migration
  • VoIP phone system setup
  • Sourcing and setting up new equipment
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Setting up or replacing your EDI, ERP, or CRM platform(s)
  • And more
Because our project management pros have spent time in the IT Help Desk trenches, they’re not just guessing when it comes to putting together project plans and timelines. They know, because they have years of hands-on knowledge and data to use for reference.

Here’s the 5-Step Process We Use to Prevent Projects From Going Over Budget and Off Schedule:


We take the time to learn about your business, your needs, and your capabilities. This is the only way to deliver effective solutions for your organization.


We take the information we have learned from you and build options for you to achieve your goals.


Once we have an agreement on what needs to be done, we do the work. We don’t stop working until we get the project done.


After each project, we evaluate what went right and what could be done better next time. We make sure that both you and our team learn from the experience and come away stronger and better.


We start all over again — smarter, better, and more experienced than we were the last time.

Our Project Management Philosophy

A favorite story in our organization describes our approach:

A man is walking down the road when he falls down a hole in the middle of the street. The walls are too steep for him to climb out. He sees a doctor passing by and asks for help. The doctor looks down, writes a prescription, and throws it down the hole as he walks away.

Next, a priest comes walking by. The desperate man shouts up and asks for help getting out. The priest writes out a prayer, tosses it down to the trapped man, and goes on his way.

Finally, a friend comes by. The man calls out for his friend to help him. The friend doesn’t hesitate. He jumps down into the hole.

The man says, “You idiot! Now we’re both down here.”

“Yes,” the friend says, “but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.”

We are that friend. We know that getting a project done requires someone willing to jump into the hole with you. Our team will curse, sweat, and push right beside you. In the end, our team will celebrate the successful implementation with you.

Let Us Prove IT

Give us a call right now and ask the person who answers the phone to name the steps in our project implementation system. You’ll see that every member of IT Assurance has adopted our core philosophy.