VOIP Phone Systems

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Phone System and Not Getting the Kind of Features You Actually Need?

You need to be able to stay connected to your customers, suppliers, and vendors. Many times email just doesn’t cut it. Increasingly even small and medium-sized businesses realize they need the features of a big phone system, but the prices for these systems keep going up.

But, we know an easy solution. VOIP phones use your existing internet connection.


About VOIP Business Phone Systems

With this type of office phone system, you get all of the standard features you get with regular phone service such as voicemail and call forwarding, with a whole host of other features like:

  • Click to dial from websites, emails, and even Outlook contacts
  • Get transcribed voicemail messages sent to your email
  • A full-featured call recording system
  • Block incoming calls from a solicitor with one click
  • And Many More


Phone System Installation & Support

Our team will help you implement a VOIP system that will save you money, and make sure you have high voice-quality calls. We will be there to make sure the transition to VOIP is smooth and doesn’t impact your business. We will also be there if you need help getting the strange red light to stop flashing on your phone. No issue is too big or too small for our team to solve.


Prove IT: Give us a call today at 503-785-9000 and ask for a demo of the IT Assurance phone system. We promise you’ll be impressed.