Project Management

You spent the time to recruit an amazing drafter, and you paid the salary they commanded. You’ve got them spun up on your projects and you’re ready to unleash them. Finally, they sit down to do some work … and spend half their time waiting for AutoCAD to render their latest updates. Nothing hurts so much as watching money drip down the drain because your employees are sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Reasons Why IT Assurance Provides Superior IT Support for Architect Companies

Computer Set-Up

We understand AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp, and we know how to get the right computers set up correctly to make those programs scream. It’s not enough that you bought that $5,000 Dell precision workstation — every aspect of it needs to be properly tuned to maximize software performance.

Network and Server Accessibility

We know how to build the infrastructure you need to share files at the speed of a blink. Projects today require many hands and many files. We’ll get the network and the servers you need to make file sharing a cinch.

24×7 Support

We all wish this were still a 9 to 5 job, but we know that’s not the world we live in. You’re working ALL the time, and your IT company needs to work all the time too. That’s why IT Assurance offers 24×7 Help Desk support. When you get the itch at 9 PM on a Friday but the file won’t load, we’ll be there to help.

If your CAD is showing the “rendering” box, then you’ve got the time to give us a call and ask about how we can make it go faster! Fill out our form below.