Who We Are

We’re IT people. But we’re also people people.
If we may brag, that kind of makes us unicorns.
Our secret? Our CEO isn’t an IT person. He’s a business person.

Project Management

So we know, start with business and let the IT follow. The engineers will geek out over the technical specs of your brand-spanking-new server, and the business team knows that what matters to you is never having your server go offline during the holiday season. We start by learning your business so we can meet your needs. In your language.

How We Work

Borg Red Alert! We Become Part of Your Company

We’re not one of those IT companies that get you to sign then ghost on your texts. We get in deep with our clients — like, a vCIO who hands out in your Slack or Teams chat room and posts kitten pictures in your #cute channel deep.

By becoming a true part of your organization, we learn what really matters to you. We see what people complain about, how they celebrate, and what’s important. And when it comes to making good choices that make sense for your business, that’s a lot more effective than a quick, hourlong meeting every quarter.

Here’s an example: If your database is starting to throw tantrums, our answer isn’t automatically, “Your server is five years old, time for a new one.” Because we know you and your needs, we say instead, “We know how you’re using your server, and we think you should throw it away and switch to this other system that would be perfect for your needs.”

Our Mantras

All Together Now

We live by two mantras that are so important, we require new employees to have them tattooed. (Okay, we don’t. HR had issues. It became a Thing.)
One is: “We take the time to focus, plan and execute.” That is, we value all the steps necessary to get you the outcome you want, at the price we promise, on the timeline we agree on.

Here’s the other: “We hate heroes.” With no offense to the late, great Stan Lee. But here’s the thing — a hero requires a crisis. If we have to play “hero” IT company, it often means we failed to avoid the crisis that required that heroism. Are we playing “hero” because our documentation was lacking, or because we didn’t keep track of a warranty? That’s a failure, not a success, even if we throw enough technician time on it to solve the problem quickly.

The Data That Makes Us … Us

Because, You Know, It’s Kind Of What We Do


The number of times clients sent flowers or doughnuts to our office last year. This may seem low, but it’s damn good for being “not marketing.”


Clients retained over the past 5 years. IT Assurance helps out clients grow and build. We’ve worked with clients from size side-gig-in-the-garage to 20+ million in revenue. Our customers return our affection by re-signing year after year.


Years of combined IT experience among the IT Assurance team. We hire the best, build them higher and challenge them constantly. At IT Assurance, we invest in our employees as well as our customers.

Don’t Take My Word for It

Ratings and Reviews Are Everything

One of the best compliments I ever received came from a CEO who has been working with us for almost 11 years. He told me, “Zac, every time I get a new computer from you guys, it’s been easier and faster than the time before.” I love it because it tells me that we’re doing exactly what I want us to do — steadily improving, steadily growing and continuously building a mutual-admiration society with our partners.

Reach Out for Full Service IT Support

If you’re ready to switch to an IT company that understands how your business works, send me an email or give me a call at (503)785-9000. My name is Zac, and I’m looking forward to chatting with you.