Microsoft Office 365 Support

IT Assurance + Microsoft Office 365 Support

We provide superior Microsoft Office 365 support for businesses of all sizes, troubleshooting everything from small daily operating issues to large, complex functionality setbacks.

Office 365: what's in it?

Use the ever-popular office tool to process documents and perform daily work functions.

Microsoft packs all work-essential tools into one subscription plan that is accessible anytime, anywhere. With Office 365, you get the classic set of office applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and so on- plus new applications and features.

Work From Anywhere

Microsoft Office 365 is completely cloud-based - you can access your files, email, and collaborative projects almost anywhere - on any device. Whether you are using a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone, connecting is entirely possible. This greatly benefits organizations with employees who work in multiple locations and for those who travel often.

Simplified Collaboration

Working on one big project? Your team will appreciate the collaborative functions of Office 365. Work on a document together and get real-time updates on the changes each person makes. It also allows you to backtrack to previous versions made on each file, keeping progress moving forward and everyone on task.


Trust our Microsoft Office 365 support.
IT Assurance can help deliver these technologies to you.

Microsoft works on a subscription basis, with plans that are designed for SMEs and some for larger corporations. Some plans have features your organization may not need, or lack necessary apps and integrations. As your Office 365 consultant, we will help you choose a plan that best suits your business. We also provide support for your technical issues regarding Office 365.