Cryptolocker Removal

Why we should care about CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker has been one of the most successful pieces of ransomware ever produced, and statistics show, it has caused hundreds of millions of dollars in data loss.

In the last decade ransomware has grown its demographic. Before it only attacked personal computers or individuals, but now it continuously crawls the business sector looking for vulnerabilities. There are many recorded cases of organizations suffering financial damage not only for paying the ransom but also fines for breaching the Data Protection Act.

How CryptoLocker works?

This malicious software is embedded in an email attachment, which then holds the victim's files hostage by encrypting them. The encryption is exteremly difficult to break even with brute force attacks unless the victim pays a ransom. A ransom is usually not less than $500 if paid within a certain time frame, and after the deadline expires, the ransom doubles.

Also note, the CryptoLocker model of stealing money is so effective that payments need to also be in untraceable cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

The malware is embedded in an email attachment.
Once downloaded and opened, it encrypts your files.
You'll be given a deadline notice.
To decrypt files, you are required to pay.
When notice expires, the ransom doubles.

How to defend against cryptolocker?

You have to keep in mind that paying the ransom is no guarantee of receiving a decryption key. IT Assurance always advises to never pay the ransom. Our expert engineers can help you decrypt files and prevent the cryptolocker infection from spreading.

IT Assurance's ultimate goal is to return your data without paying the attackers of these malicious programs.

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