VoIP Phone Systems | Southeast Portland, OR

VoIP Phone Systems | Southeast Portland, OR

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones are a popular choice for both small businesses and enterprises alike. Instead of sending calls through traditional phone lines, VoIP transfers communication through the internet versus traditional landline phones. VoIP phone systems provide a wealth of benefits to business operations and our VoIP consulting team can work with your business to build and configure a VoIP solution to meet your needs.

We provide professional VoIP support, VoIP consulting services, and VoIP phones for small business in the Southeast Portland, OR area. Our VoIP consultants and VoIP support team are well versed with major VoIP phone systems and solutions and can help your business deploy an efficient VoIP phone system- contact us to learn more!

The Benefits Of VoIP Phones For Small Business

Cost Efficiency

VoIP phone systems are less expensive than traditional phones and don't incur additional costs the way traditional phones do- no long distance, roaming, or other charges!


With a VoIP system, your employees can make calls from any location or device connected to the internet. This makes VoIP perfect for hybrid or travel work environments.


Deploying a VoIP phone solution doesn't require a hefty hardware investment, our VoIP consultants can help you outfit your existing phones for VoIP functionality in many cases.


As you increase the number of employees, clients, and communication requirements, your VoIP phone solution can grow with you. Your company can easily add phones, connections, and functionalities as you need them.

Partner With IT Assurance For VoIP Consulting Services & VoIP Support

There are a multitude of VoIP service providers and subscriptions to choose from, we can partner with your organization to choose the plan that best addresses your custom business environment. Our professional VoIP consultants can analyze the service packages to ensure your VoIP phone system is sufficient.

Through our 10+ years of experience with VoIP phones and VoIP support services, we've identified measures to save time and eliminate frustration during VoIP purchasing, installation and configuration. A typical VoIP deployment involves a series of research, evalutation, installation, and post-installation configurations & support.

VoIP phones for small business, and more!

IT Assurance has delivered VoIP phones for small businesses and enterprises with custom configurations and packages to suite the needs of the business. Regardless of your company size, industry, or current technology infrastructure, we can design your dream VoIP phone system!

Call us now to partner with our VoIP support team!