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Remote Server Monitoring

Monitoring servers on your own can be expensive, time-consuming, and leave potential issues undiscovered. Often times, server monitoring requires a dedicated staff of experts expecting a hefty paycheck. It’s  a challenge for most small to medium-sized companies to source and retain talented engineers to monitor server activities and security measures.

However,  partnering with a remote server monitoring company like IT Assurance can save your business time, resources, and cost.

Our remote server monitoring services allow us to keep a close eye on your servers. Whether its a web server, mail server, FTP, router, VPN device or files server, we can moitor performance and report back with our findings. Additionally, if we detect any issues relating to performance or security our team will inform you of this discovery and provide insights on how to repair the potential issues.

We provide monitoring & management for:


Remote server management by IT Assurance keeps your servers healthy, ensuring the free flow of data and information as well as the performance of all running applications. We ensure everything is working smoothly while troubleshooting and solving any outages that may occur along the way.

Remove server monitoring the
IT Assurance way


With our easy-to-use control panel managing notifications is simple.


Installing, rolling out updates, and testing patches across multiple servers eliminates repetitive tasks.


Our advanced alert allows us to schedule preventive maintenance to minimize operational downtime.

Our team of engineers is certified by leading manufacturers in the IT world. When you call our helpline, you are guaranteed the technician you speak with has a vast knowledge in the technology industry and will do their best to promptly fix your issues.

We offer remote server management and remote server monitoring services to companies in the Oregon City, OR area. IT Assurance is an experienced remote server monitoring company, equipped to increase data flow and mitigate any potential downtimes.

Call us today and let’s talk about our remote server monitoring services and how we can ensure your servers are efficient, secure, and updated.