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Wireless Network Site Surveys
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Wireless networks often fail because of poor planning and rushed installations. We provide wireless network site surveys and heat mapping services to companies in the North Portland, OR area. If your organization is in need of a wireless site survey company, IT Assurance is your local preferred wireless network site survey and heat mapping company!

Dead spots, erratic connections, and bandwidth failure are the common wireless network problems any business may face. Some may blame their ISP or their network device, but the more realistic reason why these connection problems occur are flaws from install.

To properly install a wireless LAN, the site needs to undergo a wireless network site survey to address the factors that might affect wireless connections. A wireless signal cannot be seen via the naked eye; hence determining if the signal gets interrupted is only observed when data transfer rates fluctuate or are terminated instantly. Businesses with critical processes can't afford to take such risks as this would greatly slow- if not halt entirely, daily operations and productivity.

IT Assurance can help you.

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IT Assurance Wireless Services

We'll help you attain the best possible wireless network potential with our wireless network site surveys and heat mapping services.

Site Surveys

Wireless surveys detect incorrectly-configured wireless infrastructure and wireless management software. We will optimize the wireless deployment and choose the appropriate radio channels, antennas and transmit power levels of each access point to maximize the performance of your wireless network.


Our Heatmapping service, on the other hand, helps you visualize the entire wireless network through the use of color-coded maps. With these heatmaps, wireless signals are visually represented and automatically updated within minutes to reflect changes in connectivity. This makes it easier to troubleshoot dead zones and to fix weak signal strengths.

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Talk with us about how our wireless networking services can help you stay connected while providing everything you need to get business done right!