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IT Relocation Services
Cedar Hills, OR

The process of any network office move, whether across tow or across state, is a task that has many moving parts and processes to balance and execute simultaneously. There are operational and infrastructual needs and priorities to be considered before, during, and after a network office move. An IT relocation isn’t a project you can haphazardly execute and expect a return to the operational environment your company once had. Any organization that faces this inevitable change understands the significance of entrusting their office equipment and data to an experienced resource like IT Assurance.

IT relocations are more than simply disconnecting cables, transferring equipment and reconnecting plugs. Not every move is the same, but every successful move should be well-planned. Planning and executing business IT relocations for the past 10+ years has taught us a variety of effective methods and strategies to execute IT relocation projects. We have helped businesses transfer to their new office and achieve a fully productive business environment the next morning.

We provide IT relocation services and help with company network office moves in the Cedar Hills, OR area. IT Assurance has over a decade of experience as an IT relocation company and we have gained the skills and strategy required for a smooth, well- executed network office move. We suggest to all companies navigating an upcoming IT relocation to speak with our team so we can help your business avoid costly mistakes, lengthy downtime, and other operational hiccups that commonly occur.

Our IT relocation team is able to: plan, manage, configure, and install your company’s new IT infrastructure.

Data Centers
Cable Management
Telephony System
Furniture and Storage
Other Electronic Systems

IT relocations are what we do best.

We know office moves are an enormous undertaking, and trusting this job in the hands of a company that can properly execute from beginning to end is critical for your business. Our IT relocation company can support your move into a new business premises throughout the duration of the move- from packing up workstations and cables at your previous location up to plugging in the last cables and configuring your network in your new company office- we’ll be there to help.

If your business is currently planning an upcoming IT relocation project contact us for more best practices and strategies regarding how we can help.